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StudentCrowd is the number one platform facilitating student feedback, helping millions of people choose where to live and study. Our platform has 100% PBSA market coverage, providing a centralised hub for students to consider accommodation options, receiving over 1.9 million user sessions per year.

Not only does our platform reflect and empower authentic student sentiment, but it also provides valuable insights into improving the student experience. For advisors, developers, and investors, this means we offer the most comprehensive dataset in the industry, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to drive success.

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Insights Tool

We have curated the ultimate dataset for the student market. Our comprehensive and up-to-date information is invaluable for investors, advisors and developers seeking to gain a competitive edge in the market. Containing every PBSA in the UK with the option to add on Ireland and Spain, we keep our dataset live and updated weekly with the latest:

  • Ownership and building-level information
  • Bed numbers and property features
  • Weekly rental prices
  • Incentives for all tenancies
  • StudentCrowd reviews

With the insights tool, you have access to real-time competitor analysis, for each city. Understanding what drives success at a city level is crucial in the ever-changing landscape of PBSA. Our insights tool enables you to delve into the factors contributing to success in specific cities, empowering you to make informed decisions by data that align with current market trends. You can perform detailed comparisons between your properties and direct competitors. This comparison will not only form the foundation of your strategy but also help you identify opportunities for improvement and rental growth.

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Want automatic data? Our API is your ‘plug and play’ option. Feed live data directly into your systems. The most seamless way to integrate our data into your everyday research and decisions.
Raw Data

A portal for accessing live data in flat CSV files for your teams to use, analyse and manipulate - particularly useful for doing YoY trend analysis or research for a defined project.

Insights Tool

Visual, interactive and accessible, this tool allows you to leverage all of the insights from the dataset, even if your team is pushed for time.

Graphic of UK with text overlay: all private, university and nominations, data tracking back 4 years, refreshed every week, over 720,000 beds, more than 50,000 tenancy types
Why Partner with StudentCrowd?

Through StudentCrowd, you gain access to a wealth of real-time data and insights from a diverse range of students. This allows you to ma
ke better decisions for your assets, including pricing strategies, property acquisition, and portfolio optimisation. Be proactive and align your assets precisely with market demands, maximising occupancy rates and improving rental yields.

Remove the inefficiency of fragmented information from different sources by using StudentCrowd as your sole source of truth for market insights.  Focus instead on analysing data and staying updated on evolving market dynamics:

  • Track competitor rental changes weekly
  • Anticipate industry shifts
  • Adapt your sales and marketing strategies accordingly - fast
StudentCrowd facilitates timely and informed decisions, improving forecasting and optimising returns on investments.

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